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American Visitors & Transw is a company founded in 1948 whose goal is to take care and give advice to tourists and travellers visiting Barcelona city.

American Visitors & Transw is specialized in the transport of unaccompanied baggage of tourists and travellers, as well as purchases they made ​​during their stay in our city, giving assistance to Hotels, Art Galleries, Antiques, Auction rooms, Museums, Goods stores for tourists and other businesses.

Our transportation suppliers are companies of proven solvency and great experience, allowing us to provide an excellent service to our customers.

We guarantee delivery anywhere in the world at very competitive terms:
- United States of America in 36 hours
- European Community in 24 hours
- Rest of the World in 48 hours

We handle any type of freight, by land, sea or air. We also have direct door to door transport, on any other customized service that our clients can demand.
Our services include the most convenient insurance for each customer.


In American Visitors & Transw we pick, pack and ship all merchandise in a personalized manner, providing high-quality service and professionalism.

  • Tourist and Visitor Assistance

    Inside Barcelona Airport

    Barcelona is an open and cosmopolitan city, vacation or business destination of millions of people every year. It is our vocation to serve these visitors in transporting to their destination their belongings or purchasings during their visit to Barcelona, with the best guarantees of efficiency and security in sending them. We coordinate with hotels, travel agencies, art galleries, antique dealers, auction houses, museums, tourist items shops and other stores the collection of items purchased, if the customer so desires. In case it's necessary (for example, on returning personal effects of deceased travelers commuting), we also collaborate with Embassies and Consulates to manage these shipments. We pack the goods properly and proceed to sending them by the most appropriate means in each case, using always transportation providers of proven solvency. Our offer includes a quality/efficiency/price relation extremely advantageous for the customer, being able to make shipments to anywhere in the world, with very competitive terms:

    • United States of America in 36 hours
    • European Community countries in 24 hours
    • Rest of the World in 48 hours, maximum

    We also take care of completing the necessary documentation to accompany the shipment, depending on their characteristics (pro-forma invoices, export and import permissions, customs clearance, etc.). According to customer specifications, we hire the most suitable insurance for each shipment to ensure, even under adverse circumstances, the total user satisfaction, which is our main goal.

  • Unaccompanied baggage


    For convenience of the tourist, the characteristics of the item itself or for any other reason, we find increasingly more cases in which takes place the need to send baggage, personal effects, information, wine, valuables and other goods, unaccompanied by the owner. In this regard, we offer a door to door service, including collection, proper packing of goods, transport by the most appropriate means and delivery at the customer's address (or at any other point of delivery thet he may desire), with terms and prices highly competitive.
    As with the rest of our services, our schedule of collection of the goods is extremely flexible, as we adapt to the needs of each delivery, being able to pick up when required, including weekends. Our motto is to offer the best service to our customers always.

  • Artwork and antiques shipment

    Chinese antique furniture

    Within the wide range of goods we sent to all parts of the world, we would like to highlight a section in which we specialize, which is the artwork. We pick, pack and ship to any destination ancient or modern paintings, sculptures, ceramics, furniture, china, glassware and general antiques. Our service includes packing designed specifically to protect these valuable objects, managing arrangements for their delivery at destination and hiring the right insurance for each case.

  • Professional Services: hotels, travel agencies, museums, art galleries, auction houses, antique dealers, jewelers, consulates and embassies...

    Hotel lobby and reception

    In this section American Visitors & Transw is a trusted partner for its business customers, ensuring a customized service to each specific need in each operation. We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers in providing a comprehensive, competitive and personalized service from collection, proper packaging, processing permissions, shipping and delivery of goods to end customers.

    Las Llaves de Oro logoAmerican Visitors & Transw is a contributor company to Las Llaves de Oro.

  • General services of transport, messaging and custody and delivery of documents

    Logistics centre.

    We have the resources, human and material equipment to coordinate, plan and carry out successfully any transporting of goods, irrespective of their size and destination. We offer trucking, ocean and air freight, always with the quality, competitiveness and professionalism that we demand in all our projects. Our suppliers of transportation, with their wide experience and recognition, ensure a global coverage and an unbeatable efficiency.


To ensure the perfect integrity of the goods to be transported, American Visitors pays special attention to the process of packaging the goods, choosing in each case the most appropriate materials and devices, considering mainly:

  • Type of object to be sent
  • Journey time
  • Weather conditions that will prevail during transport
  • Optimal choice of means of transport

We always use quality materials, which adequately protect and not damage the items sent, and specifically selected according to the characteristics of the goods, to ensure the transportation and delivery in perfect condition.
We have all types of packaging materials to suit any need:

  • Standard or custom built wooden crates. In case of air transport, we include some extra reinforcements in the sides of the box and in the corners, to ensure maximum protection of objects during handling at the airports of origin and destination.
  • Conditioned boxes, designed to maintain specific climatic conditions all along the route to destination.
  • Double or triple layer cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes and different levels of reinforcement, depending on the nature of the object content.
  • Transport frameworks, that we use to transport canvases mounted on their own frames, or to strengthen the security of the boxes, if found necessary.
  • Other packing and packaging materials: packing paper, shrink film, OPP antistatic film, reinforced seal, bubble wrap (PE), polypropylene foam sheets, cardboard or PVC tubes, Expafill® expanded polystyrene chips, etc.

Whenever possible we use the packaging elements more environmentally friendly. In compliance with the Nr. 15 International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures, incorporated into the European Community 2000/29/EC policy, and in order to prevent the spread of pests, all our wood packaging, including pallets, incorporate the disinfestation and fumigation certificate seal, which allows transit and entry into any countries all around the world.

  • Wooden packing crate
  • Timber health guarantee label
  • Various packaging materials
  • Wooden packing models
  • Different wooden packing crates
  • Merchandise packed in wooden crate ready for shipping
  • Outward inidcations detail on packaging
  • Wooden frame for paintings transport
  • Safe packing process of a painting
  • Wooden packing crate
  • Shrinkwrapped pallets containing cardboard boxes and some other materials
  • Stages in packing of porcelain figurine
  • Stages in packing of porcelain figurine (2)
  • Stages in packing of porcelain vase
  • Stages in packing of antique toy


I have heard of your service, and would like to know the working procedure with you

It's really easy. The client contacts us, usually by phone or email, and he exposes his shipping needs: basically, the object type, its size and weight, destination and, if necessary by insurance issues, its value. Immediately, we prepare an estimate and a plan for the collection and delivery, and if the client agrees, we proceed according to plan.

What kind of merchandise can be sent?

Our service is valid for any type of merchandise: bags, documents, personal effects, antique and modern furniture, general antiques, paintings, sculptures, porcelain, glassware, sports equipment, wine, etc. Only live animals and dangerous goods are excluded, as well as perishable goods, depending on the destination country.

Do you pick up and deliver shipments at home?

Both the collection of the goods and their delivery are made where indicated by the client: private homes, hotels, shops, post office, etc.

What deadlines have the shipments?

Domestic shipments and within the European Community have a 24-hour transit, shipments to the United States of America, 36 hours, and those heading to the rest of the world, 48 hours. In no case we will respond by delays from customs inspections, cancellations, delays in connections, work stoppages, strikes, incorrect or incomplete addresses, or any other circumstances beyond our company.

What type of packaging do you use? You do not have problems entering certain countries according to the type of packaging?

We use customized packaging according to the goods; obviously, is not the same one documentation shipment than a suitcase or a porcelain. In any case, our packaging are always top quality, and if using wood (boxes, frames, pallets, etc.), it always has the stamp of disinfestation and fumigation certificate, in compliance with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15.

What is covered by your shipments' standard insurance?

Our shipments are fully insured against theft and breakage, depending on the packaging. According to the type of merchandise, we propose and recommend standard packing or safe packing, in wood; if customer does not accept wood packaging, we use the standard, but in this case, if any damage to goods occurs, caused or favored by insufficient packaging, insurance will not be liable for such damages; on the contrary, if the shipment is adequately protected with proper packaging, insurance covers any breakage or deterioration occurred during transit.

What advantage is there in using your service compared to that offered by general transport companies and courier?

Basically, we think it lies in customization. We establish a direct relationship of trust with the client, we are available any time of day, every day of the week, we pack the goods according to its characteristics and the travel it has to do, we select and manage the more efficient and better performance transport means, and we make a thorough follow up until delivery at the agreed place. It is this unique combination of activities and services which is our greatest asset and our competitive advantage.

How can I pay for your services?

We offer several payment options for the best convenience of our customers: by cash on collection of the goods, by credit card (VISA, American Express, Mastercard...) or by bank transfer.

Is there any limit in size or weight?

No. We can send any packet of any weight and size. Logically, these variables determine the cost of the operation, but there is nothing we can not collect and send because of their weight or size.

What are your pickup and delivery times?

Once accepted the budget of the operation, the collection takes place every day at a time and place agreed with the customer; we have not limitations in that regard. Similarly, the delivery of goods is organized to meet the desires and client availability.

Do I have to pack and identify the goods?

Our service includes proper packing and correct and complete identification of items, so you don't need to worry about this matter: we take care of everything.

Are the customs charges included in the price, if the destination is not within the European Community?

Yes, the agreed price includes the cost of customs clearance, both at origin and destination. In addition, we take care of managing the additional documentation needed (proforma invoice, temporary and permanent permits export, etc.)

What should I do if the goods arrive damaged or in poor condition to destination?

Despite all the precautions we take, sometimes damage to shipped goods may occur, indeed. In these cases it is very important, for the purposes of the compensation from the insurance company, that the addressee states in the delivery note any damage to the goods found in, or indicate that he accepts delivery, "pending review"; otherwise, it is very likely that the insurer will not take charge of further claims for damage to items received. In this process we do not stay on the sidelines; we keep negotiating with insurance companies and defending the interests of the client.

I do not see any prices or rates for calculating cost of shipments on your website. How much does it costs a shipment with you?

We decided not to include any fees or pricing tables because, as a matter of fact, each operation is treated as something specific, like a bespoke service, "turnkey" so to say, so the cost is calculated individually in each shipment we do, and naturally without any commitment by the customer.



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